Squad Wars

Point Update






1) No Shirt, No Points - Shirt must be worn in order to earn points.

2) Points can be given or taken at leader’s discretion. (If you ask for points, you probably won’t get them.)

3) No changing teams (teams are final unless otherwise stated).

4) Winning team of the night (most points awarded that night) will roll “The Great Equalizer” the following week.

5) Points will be updated and posted the following Wednesday.

6) Have Fun!

Earning Points

1,000 pts
Win a Team Competition

500 pts
Team Member Recites Memory Verse - Must recite to a leader on a Wednesday night.

500 pts
All Team Members Wear T-Shirt

Various pts
Team Members Wear T-Shirt (10 pts per person)

200 pts
Bring A Friend (200 pts per friend)

100 pts
Submit Question through CCC App - Max of 5 per team = 50 pts/week. Must identify team in the question.

Rolling "The Great Equalizer"

The Great Equalizer

+ 5,000 pts

“Hard Times”
- 100 pts

“Sorry, Not Sorry”
Switch with 1st Place

“You’re Welcome”
Switch with 4th Place

“Collect the Rent”
Steal 500 pts from team of your choosing

“The Great Equalizer"
All points Equal “0”