Rescued from Slavery in Egypt
Exodus 1-18
Lost in the Wilderness
Exodus 19-24
In the Presence of God's Glory
Exodus 25-40

Three Locations in Exodus

A helpful framework for reading through the book of Exodus is to think about the locations of the events that unfold. Israel begins their journey as slaves in Egypt under a corrupt Pharaoh. As the Lord rescues them from their slavery in Egypt they wander in the wilderness because of their grumbling. And finally they meet God at Mt. Sinai where Moses receives the Law from God to give to the people. And even though they see the glory of God as clouds surround the mountain, they build a golden cow and worship that instead.

The story of Exodus is the story of us.

God rescues us from our slavery to sin. But even though he rescues us, we still have a tendency to drift away into a spiritual wilderness. Our relationship with Jesus is a daily coming to the mountain of God's glory to receive his instruction and to trust in his promise to rescue us again and again.

The story of Exodus is about how God 
draws us out of our slavery to sin and draws us to Himself.

And God ultimately does this through the work of His Son, Jesus. Jesus lived a perfect life (the life we could not live) and died on the cross (the death we deserved) so that by faith in Christ, we can be reunited with God himself for all eternity. The invitation to salvation is available through Jesus, the new and better Moses.

We've provided the following resources for you and your child to grow not only in your knowledge of the story of God saving his people, but also that you would grow in your relationship with Jesus. That no matter what you are going through you can trust that the  God who said, "I Will!" is the same God who says, "I Did!" He is a God who is faithful to his promises. And that is something we all need each and every day.

Overview of Exodus

These videos give a 30,000ft description of what we see throughout Exodus. As you watch these videos, think about how God has worked in the history of his people and how he might be working in your own life of faith.