Missions Giving

Christ Community is committed to the advancement of the gospel throughout the world as well as caring for the well-being of our missionaries. In 2009, the congregation voted to commit 10% of total general fund giving to the Missions budget. This was increased to 12% in 2015. This has enabled us to respond to our missionaries' planned and unplanned expenses as well send new missionaries to the field.

Surplus Giving

The Surplus Giving Plan began in 2010 to help Christ Community be a generous church. The aim is to help gospel-centered ministries put the money to immediate use rather than accrue growing bank balances. When general fund giving exceeds Christ Community's annual budget, the surplus is given to ministries both local and global. Past recipients of surplus giving include: Lifesong for Orphans, Churches Helping Churches, Heart to Heart Counseling, Midwest Food Bank,  G.O. Ministries Seminary of the Americas, The Forgotten Initiative, To Every Tribe, The Seed Company and others.