Church Membership

We strongly encourage believers who regularly attend Christ Community Church,

to make their membership in our church family official by becoming members of the church. 

How do i become a member?

There are five steps that summarize our membership process:

Get to Know Us.

Joining a church is about much more than simply having your name on a list; it’s about becoming part of a family. In fact, we view membership as a covenantal relationship, just as one would covenant in marriage. It is important, therefore, that each prospective member takes time to learn about who we are and what he/she can expect at Christ Community in the future. Prospective members should take time to regularly attend worship services, get to know our church family, read the statement of faith and core values, listen to past sermons online, and ask pastoral staff or church leadership questions about the church.

Attend a New Members Class.

A couple times a year, a new members class is offered where prospective members learn about the history, beliefs, core values, and ministry structure of Christ Community Church. The class typically is held for two consecutive Sundays during the Sunday School hour. We ask that all prospective members attend the new members class prior to covenanting in membership.

Meet with Pastor/Elder.

The meeting is an informal interview to learn about the prospective member’s testimony of faith, baptism, family, and interests. Additionally, this is a chance for the prospective member to ask questions about the church and to talk with a church leader about how he/she can participate in ministry at Christ Community Church.

Covenant with the Body of Christ.

All new members covenant with the Body of Christ at Christ Community by signing a membership covenant (available by clicking here) with sets for expectations and responsibilities for faithful participation in the life of Christ Community Church. A carbon copy is then turned into the church office.

Be Introduced to the Congregation.

After completing the membership process, new members will be introduced to the congregation during a worship service so that the rest of the Body of Christ can get to know our newest members of the family.